Cricket Noises

August 23 2010

Thoughts on the recently-concluded 2010 USACA Western Region U19 Cricket Tournament in Southern California (Woodley Park)

  • NWR won because of their depth of talent in all three departments
  • SWR needs more depth in batting but they have very good bowling
  • Well organized and executed tournament
  • Impressive quality of umpiring
  • Slow and trying turf wickets
  • Technical quality for the amount of coaching the U19s have gone through is disappointing -- runs and wickets matter but how you get them matters much more
  • Not enough true cricket minds running cricket in the US is a possibly root cause for above
  • Key issue to be addressed if US expects to finish better than 15 out of 16 as they did in the last World Cup (where our "best" failed to deal with higher quality stuff they faced)